Children Lost to Christian Cult in Durban, South Africa

A group of concerned parents in and around Durban, South Africa have set up a website – – with stories of their children who have become involved with a church identified as Grace Gospel Church. The church is a branch of Church Team Ministries International (CTMI), an international Christian group with head offices in Mauritius. Young people from upmarket Durban suburbs are being recruited into the group which many parents call a mind controlling Christian cult. It is alleged that some are married off to men they hardly know and who are chosen for them by the church.

It has been reported that many young people have abandoned their studies and careers and left their families to live with church leaders at their various homes. CTMI is led by founder and televangelist Miki Hardy, who lived on a luxurious estate.

The Concerned Parents Group was formed with the aim of restoring damaged relationships and educating others about the dangers of the church group. A common thread that runs through the stories of the parents is that their children have become alienated, robotic, and reluctant to participate in family gatherings.
A 22 year – old girl who did not wish to be named attended the church from childhood and spent some time at the group’s headquarters in Mauritius stated: “They believe their way is the only way. They are not bad people, but they are elitist. They have stopped seeing reality. I’ve seen my good friends, girls of 18 and 19, give up their dreams because the church labelled them ‘worldly’ and ‘of the flesh’.

“They’ve had their lives mapped out for them by the church and some have been married off to men chosen for them by the church, guys they hardly know. These girls had good relationships with their families, but not anymore. The church told them these are emotional relationships and not right, and they must distance themselves from their families. No one is forced to go to Mauritius, but they are strongly advised to move there. If you question the leadership and share your own views, then you are ostracised – that’s it. This is out of control.”

What this girl says positively identifies this groups as a cult. Former members of the Jehovah’ Witnesses, Mormons, Moonies, Scientologists etc will all identify with her utterances.

This was originally reporeted on by the Cape Argus and The Star newspapers.

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  1. RE: Willy Qwabe’s comment on IOL

    I agree with Willy Qwabe. I have lost a very dear friend, because he is so brainwashed by his church fellowship that he does not want to associate with me anymore, because I don’t fellowship. Those are his conditions of friendship with me, that I must get into a church. He has taken from me materially and financially, took my contributions, handouts, I have been kind to him, but he does not want to come into my home and be my friend because I am not in a specific church denomination.
    I am very much born again, saved, etc., but when they start dictating to you in that way and there is all that division, conditions – then I don’t know, I just can’t see the Lord in it all. He is such a nice person, such a nice Christian, but they have brainwashed him.
    As a teenager I was involved in a sect, the “blourokke” and they were the worst. I only got saved in 1978 and I do love the Lord, but I will not allow a bunch of fanatics to dictate to me, create division in relationships, etc., or make a business, a living out of me, they make a business out of the Lord, but seldom does one of them have the humility to come to my door outside meeting times. Their life and times are organised by their churches. What a pity, as one reader said, “Once the truth(that they have been under the mind control of someone/some group and have been unable to think for themselves) is revealed to them, they appear dazed while they come back to reality.”
    It is shocking. Absolutely shocking. They get so miserable outside their church meetings, because that is all they hang onto. (A false sense of peace, security and happiness) – the church has become a social group thing. Nice young people are misled. It has become a lonely hearts club, there is also fornication.
    I may be wrong in what I have typed here, but that has been my personal experience and that is only part of my opinion. Jesus died for us and loves us. Please, He was an ordinary, kind person. Now people are doing all this type of thing instead of just serving Him in a quiet normal way, they want power and control, which is what Satan, that thrown out angel did. He wanted to be God. No ways, pray together, love each other, show love, visit each other, help each other, read your Bible, say your prayers, but don’t allow it go overboard to the point where your studies, life, everything is organised and affected by some or other person who attended Bible school, got a Pastor certificate and then tries to rule the crowds. Forget it. Reject. If they tell you that you are a rebel and quote, “They went out amongst us because they were not of us”, then so be it. It’s your life and your salvation. Not their’s. The Lord will lead you to the right people at the right time, but be careful, there are wolves out there. I agree wholeheartedly with Willy Qwabe: In the book of Mathew 7:15-18 :15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    Sorry if this offends you, but each of us have our own individual rights and I am not being rebellious, no church organisation will brainwash me subtly, or play God over me. They may have a place in society, but I reject this type of thing completely. Once families, homes, relationships, etc are broken up, simply because you don’t fellowship or belong to their whatever and you are then condemned, then I am very sorry. They have their place – the pastors and churches, but that is disgusting, absolutely disgusting. So much evil is done under the shroud of good and charity. Thanks for your prayers.

  2. Nice article, but sad to hear about children. But I must say that Durban is Heaven on Planet Earth and this city is already competing against top cities of the world, I must say that I am in love with this city. I am a South African living in England and I used to Live in Umhlanga – Durban long time ago and even today I still have the memories of Durban, it is such a nice place I have ever seen, especially the weather in Durban is so nice and warm also beaches to name a few Umhlanga beach, Ballito Beach, Zinkwazi Beach, Umhlali Beach, Tinley Manor Beach, Thompson’s Bay Beach and I had time of my life at Sea Point – Durban. I would love to go back one day and experience the warmth and enjoy being on the soil of South Africa.

  3. Sameer Sathar says:

    The Editor, The Witness


    Your article on 24 May 2013, on NCF hosting Angus Buchan refers.

    “Do not peddle God’s word for a profit.”

    NCF, our city’s largest and possibly wealthiest megachurch, has hosted throngs of Angus Buchan enthusiasts, at Harry Gwala stadium for a paltry R15 per head. Of course, with a full house of over 20 000 people that amounts to roughly R300 000. Not bad for an afternoon’s preaching, even if you take expenses into account. If they wanted to limit crowds, was there no other means of doing so, instead of charging them? The question that I have for Mr Buchan and NCF is – Since when is it acceptable to charge to preach God’s word? Did our Lord Jesus do that, did any of his disciples do that? NCF has hosted a wide range of Christian celebrities and events over the years, and inevitably, exceptions may be noted, charges people to attend. This is an age old symptom of churches that peddle God’s word for a profit.

    Mr Buchan has a thriving commercial ministry, with his books, dvd’s, movies, conferences, TBN programmes, etc. I was once quite amused when a Christian book store at the mall had a life size, stand up card board picture of him, for the promotion of one of his books in the afterglow of the Mighty Men’s conference’s. Of course, many will come to his defence saying that they want to see and hear him, and don’t mind parting with their hard earned money to do so. Fair enough, but does the Word which he claims to live by, actually permit him to do so. Is godliness a means to financial gain for him? Is he possibly stealing glory from our Lord Jesus? Is it okay for us, as Christians, to place a man on a pedestal, in the landscape of commercial Christianity? Important questions to ask in examining ourselves and testing our faith. Let us keep ourselves free from idols.

    NCF, and other mega churches in our city, form part of a world-wide phenomenon of bigger, better church buildings and facilities and, undoubtedly, faith by numbers. Numbers are a big factor as it allows megachurches to prosper. Without mega money, mega churches would not be able to market themselves through the various media outlets, maintain mega staff salaries and church activities and overheads, and a mega brand like NCF. So why do people give their hard earned money to a religious machine that is never satisfied and constantly cries out for more. NCF teaches them to believe in Tithes and Offerings, an old testament principle in accordance with the law of Moses, not a new testament principle by the blood of our Lord Jesus. Ironically, NCF stands for New Covenant Ministries, but adheres to old testament principles such as temple worship(church buildings), Levitical priesthood(their pastors/elders) and the cornerstone of institutional churches – tithes and offerings.

    In a time of economic struggles in our city, do these churches make sense, especially in areas like Northdale, Edendale, Ixopo, Eastwood, Bisley etc. where the poor are duped by their pastors/elders to finance church buildings, state of the art audio visual equipment, cars, houses and international preaching circuits, which are really just glorified holidays, and generally very comfy lifestyles for their leaders, while the average member of their congregation is living in poverty.

    Incidentally, NCF subscribes to NCMI, a very successful franchise model of church, which has over 30 000 churches in over 100 countries. They all contribute to a ministry fund – a global bank account of sorts, the exact operation of which is in the hands of a few enlightened individuals. It was founded by Dudley Daniels in this city, some 30 years ago, and is currently run by his son Tyrone. Mr Daniels snr., a certified pastorpreneur, left our country when the white ruling party lost power. Whites had a God given right to rule this country, according to him, until God changed His mind, of course. He emigrated to safer and greener pastures in Australia, to run his global corporation, of the church planting business. This was confirmed through some of Dudley’s old acquaintances at NCF. Well, Mr Daniels, we as Christians are proudly South African, whether we are black or white, irrespective of our jaded past. We put the past behind us and press on towards the goal. We were not born in SA by Chance, it was by the will of the living God. Hope you’re enjoying your stay Down Under, and please watch out for the boomerang. Please convey same to your sons, from which ever part of the world, they may be ruling from.

    For those who are serious about God, please do not buy into their popular Christian rhetoric, about how you rob God if you do not tithe. Or about how important it is to have a big fancy church, or how important it is to obey and honour your pastor/institutional church financially. In fact church is merely a fellowship of believers, and can occur anywhere, anyhow and anytime, without need for a building called a church, religious systems or money. Read God’s word for yourselves and Follow Him, be a noble Berean, come out of Babylon, and be set free in Christ. It was for freedom that Christ set us free, stand firm then, and do not allow yourselves to be burdened again by the yoke of slavery.

    27 May 2013

    Now read on:
    COASTLANDS brief HISTORY as understood by this author please check the facts for yourself.
    Coastlands was originally the headquarters for the founder of NCMI, DUDLEY DANIELS he and his wife Ann have 3 sons Tyrone Cliff and Jon (JD). They began their ministry in the 80s in South Africa.
    Dudley Daniels often gave his testimony of being saved after being an alcoholic literally on his knees “a stinking drunk” is how he described himself in a testimony that was very powerful.
    Coastlands International Christian church has gone through a number of changes over the years it was originally headed in Adelaide by Rob Rufus and Raul Tuul at the Apollo Stadium. The church grew at this time and many signs and wonders, programs and good pastoral care were implemented – this time also had its critics but on the whole was well run and solid.
    Some Adelaide church plants at this time were at Aberfoyle Hub now called Impact Church Martin and Carrie Ann Stockdale in partnership with Tom and Jo O Neil. Steve and Illona Potters church plant in Blackwood (FRONTIER). Victory run by Tony and Kath Rainbow was originally a Coastlands Church plant. All These churches later chose to become completely independent from NCMI due to their own reasons.
    Coastlands moved back to o Halloran hill around 1999 buying the building from Edge. The church was bought outright and there was NO mortgage and additional 2 – 3 properties around the O’Halloran Hill site were purchased. With the idea they would be for youth, offices etc.
    Tyrone Daniels undertook leadership at this time.
    Tyrone handed leadership over to Jon Daniel in 2007, JD and his wife Reann had been leading Gateway church successfully and he was a popular preacher charismatic and amazing worship leader. Jon and Reann had 3 children and appeared to have a very loving family and relationship.
    Jon Daniel launched an ambitious expansion of the church in Adelaide opening Blackwood Campus (originally Frontier independently run by Illona and Steve Potter) and a church in Event Cinema in Marion in addition the city church site was launched. Tom and Jo O Neil, The Potters leaving their churches were appointed elders along with the Jon and Ali Pretorious, Rod and Jenny Dunsford, Gavin and Gail Clarke, Derek and Lianne Andrews, Nathan and Amy Dalton.
    JD announced in March/ April 2011 that God had told him to get out of debt. He commenced to close campuses Marion already closed and then to close Blackwood campus. Query if Blackwood was sold or a rented property this fact is unknown by this author as Coastlands keeps no financial records or annual reports to share with its congregation. He announced that the Hill had been put on the market. He also announced he was going to sell his family home just following “Gods message to get out of debt” as quoted by JD.
    At this time JD was having an affair with Kathy Ann Muldoon, married to Jamie Muldoon the couple had become close friends with JD and Reann and they went out together and Kathy often baby sat the Daniels children. Jamie was a mate of JDs who he frequently went out to coffee with. Sadly this close friendship between the couples, resulted in an illicit affair between JD and Kathy. During the time of his affair JD kept an enormously high profile preaching at the South and the City campus on Sunday morning and sometimes visiting Blackwood when it was still open.
    JD whilst having this affair managed to keep the secret from everyone including his wife. He persuaded Reann to sell the family home in Cormandal Valley sold in the region of low $600,000 this had been gifted to him by his father Dudley Daniel ( Church leader founder father figure and father of NCMI).
    During this time JD encouraged Reann to take out Australian citizenship. The day after he moved Reann and three young children into a rental at Malvern he flew to the UK. During this time JD had become very close to Tom O Neil no longer engaging so much with the other elders. Elder Steve Potter had challenged him at some point asking him what was going on between him and Kathy Muldoon.
    End of September 2011 the entire contactable number of the congregation were asked to go to an urgent meeting at the O Halloran Hill Campus. Here a tearful Reann fronted the entire congregation to tell them that JD had left her and that she had no idea what had been going on. This took enormous courage JD has never fronted the church at any time leaving his wife and other leaders to explain and to pick up the peices. Ben Whittaker took over to explain the simple facts: JD had been having an affair with Kathy Ann Muldoon and she was pregnant. A shell shocked packed house barely gasped in disbelief a few cried for Re anns obvious pain and distress. Most of us stumbled out of the building thinking did I just hear that??
    After the announcement several church members asked re finances all was evaded and barely answered by church leaders. Occaissionally an overhead of a simplistic pie chart was shown on the screen very briefly to “explain the finances”. For quite a time the congregation optimistically looked forward to a new honest beginning in a new building with the sale of the O halloran Hill site.
    This optimisim was later quoshed when those who pursued the leaders with some dedicated zeal learnt that only 900,000 dollars were left. Where did it all go? Business Class flights, nannies for the lead elder frequent trips away by all the elders. Too much rapid expansion in Adelaide. Various properties in the US, Adelaide and South Africa for the Dudley family. All from the hard earned sacrificed tithes of a faithful congregation over decades. No records = FINANCIAL ABUSE and complete lack of accountability.
    NCMI continues to take 10% from all of its church plants, Dudley Daniels Adelaide address is unknown all of his mail goes to a PO Box he is uncontactable via all normal methods. NCMI have launched a new website. Kingdom City Church located Warradale Primary School, Keynes Ave. is their church plant split away from Coastlands resulting from NCMI loyalists departing from Coastlands after a Ben Whittaker made the brave announcement he would like to depart from NCMI. Esimated size 70 – 90 people mainly from original coastlands.
    Ben Whittaker calls a united church meeting February 10 2013, in which he is prayed in and ordained as the official Lead Elder of Coastlands. One week later, Derek and Lianne Andrews announce their decision February 17th 2013 to leave Coastlands and start their own church causing a further split and taking several families with them estimated to be up to 70 people mainly from the City campus to launch a new church in the South.
    This paper is written by an anonymous author for fear of reprisals. I am a Christian with a yearning for the truth and that the issue of finances to be addressed in a Godly and honourable fashion. Those finances should be accounted for and if mis spent the lead elder of that time and his family the Dudley family should be made to make amends and or be prosecuted.
    A financial report should be a mandatory requirement demanded by church- goers who tithe faithfully into a church in the faith that careful consideration and prayer goes into how the money is spent. We all need to feel safe that leaders are accountable to God and to their fellow parishioners. We need to feel safe that one leader at the front is not given free rein to spend and do as he wishes and not be held accountable. This church should be audited by an independent body going back decades.
    Current Coastlands elders you too are accountable for what has happened with the misuse of finances you were all on the eldership team at the time of JD. This church has no pastoral care runs no programmes or courses all the elders get paid a full wage by the parishoners to do what? This church has now outward focus and has been run as a business not accountable to anyone. I hope this gets investigated.
    http://www.ncmi.nethttp://ncmifringe.wordpress.com Coastlands city church light square Adelaide. Coastlands South Christies Beach primary, maturin ave Christies Beach.

  4. Bobby says:

    Richard Branson uses attack therapy at his gyms. It seems its impossible to get ride of organisations that use exploitive psychological techniques.

  5. Helena says: Craig van wyk helped pur family overcome the same

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