About Robin Jackson

Robin Jackson is a former Jehovah’s Witness who has authored two books on the subject of cults and high control groups. His first book, Losing The Faith, is a memoir of his journey through the organisation that he adopted as his religion at the tender age of 13. It chronicles the struggles to reconcile the doctrines, practices, and rules that the Jehovah’s Witnesses imposes on its members and the crisis of conscience he experienced while uncovering the hidden history, child sexual abuse cover-ups and the destructive shunning practices that so often break up families.


Cults: How They Work is Robin’s second book wherein he exposes the recruitment techniques, indoctrination techniques and the dangers of many of the cults and high control groups within the religious, political and economic spheres. His views on these issues have been sort after in the media and often appears on radio, television and discussion panels.


Listen to Robin on his weekly podcast show, Cult Life, where he unpacks the cult phenomenon and talks to guests on many of the issues affecting society with regard to cults.